To provide clientele access to an extensive range of information resources to enhance the academic and research in the university


To carry out basic functions of acquiring, processing, organising and dissemination of information in line with the mission of the University


The objectives of the university library are:

  • To ensure that 90% of library Information materials purchased are processed and made available to library users for reference annually.
  • To conduct information literacy and user education programmes on a quarterly basis to ensure 80% of the library users develop the habits of critical thinking, browsing and independent use of library resources.
  • To ensure that 90% of the library users are satisfied with the services and products provided by carrying out user surveys biannually.
  • To support study, teaching and research within the framework of the university programmes by¬† ensuring that 85% of library materials suggested by Academic Staff are available at the library within the required period
  • To market the library services to the academic community and other stake holders at least twice a year through print and electronic media.
  • To ensure that 90% of Library Users are satisfied with ICT services and products provided by carrying out user surveys biannually.


The services offered by the Library System include:

(a) Circulation Service

(b) Reference Service

(c) Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)

(d) Current Awareness Service (CAS)

(e) Reprographic Service