Library Collection Development and Management Policy
The section assesses the information needs of the library and acquires a collection that meets the present and future information needs. The methods of collection development include purchases, gifts, donations, interlibrary loans and exchange programs.

-Purchases and donations must be those that support the mission of the library and the programs of the University.

-Evaluation of negotiated and Un- negotiated gifts or donations shall be done to determine their worthiness in terms of currency, format and content of the material.

-Creation of the policy to guide selection of the information resources. The policy shall spell out how many volumes per title shall be purchased.
-Planning for new collection- the library shall provide publishers’ catalogue to the Faculties to aid in the selection.
-Weeding of materials no longer needed in the collection shall be done further to approval by the library committee.

-Exchange arrangement by communicating to the proposed exchange partner outlining ones fields of interest and the materials available for exchange and proposing a basis for exchange.

-The collection development programme should identify areas of potential interest in research and purchase resources that meet needs of new or emerging areas of research.

-Selection policy shall guide on suitable size, range and quality of the collection.