Chuka University Library is in the process of automating its services so as to cater for services like:

  • Registration
  • Issues/returns 
  • Reservations of materials 
  • Reserve Section
  • Clearance of users.
  • Online Public Catalogue

Opening Hours
Open:  Monday to Friday:  8.00 am – 9.45 p.m.
Saturdays: 8.00 am – 5.45 pm
Sundays open for general reading

Closed on public holidays

Services are offered to library registered users who include: -

  • Undergraduates.
  • Postgraduates. 
  • Academic Staff. 
  • Non-academic staff, and
  • External users (As stipulated in the Rules and Regulations).


Materials are renewed on request as long as they have not been reserved by any other user(s).
Reserved Collection

This section contains:

  • Materials reserved by the teaching staff
  • Past exam papers
  • Materials on high demand
  • Material with delicate binding.
  • Material that are rare and out of print.

Reserve section materials are:

  •  Loaned out for one hour or overnight/weekend.
  •  Renewable if not requested by other users.

Fines are not an allowance to retain a book. Users who habitually withhold books loose the privilege of access to library resources. The following fines are applicable:
Long loan- Items here accumulate  two  shillings per item per day for all users.
Short Loan - Items here accumulate Six shillings for the first hour and eight shillings for every subsequent hour.
Recalled books accumulate two shillings per day one week from the recall date.

Lost or Damaged Material- Penalties shall be as stipulated in the rules and regulations of the library.