This section shall be under the Readers services division of the Library.

Aims and Objectives

  • Provide an effective reference service to the clientele.
  • Give direction to library users on the most effective way of using the library.
  • Repackaging and sorting out information for easy retrieval.
  • User survey profiles.
  • Enhancing the image of the library.


Public Relations Services
Reference section is the public relations point for the library.
It is a continuous service that aims at marketing the services offered in the library and creates a favourable image of the library.

Readers Advisory Services
-The section attends to both general and specific queries.
-Reference interview is conducted from time to time in negotiating all patrons' requests.
-Maximum time to be accorded in-person to patrons will be determined by the pace of activity in the reference area, the number of available staff, and the librarian's discretion as to the patron's needs.
-Conducting Literature Searches.

The section conducts both manual and electronic literature searches on the available information resources.
(i) Manual literature searches
- clients are assisted on how to search print material.
(ii) Internet /online Searches
-The section shall be in charge assisting users with Electronic literature searches.

Indexing Services
-Newspaper Indexing is carried out.
-All the local dailies are indexed.
-A standard subject index is maintained and used for indexing.

User education /Orientation
-The reference section conducts user education sessions to fresh students within the first week of registration.
-This is done in all the various sections of the library.
-This also applies to any visitors (internal or external) to the University library. 

Current awareness service
-New books shall be displayed for one week before being put on circulation.
-Patrons are allowed to book books on display for borrowing after display period expires.
-The sources of information should always be cited when providing information in response to a request received.
-The reference section provides the information that users need by consulting individual experts, tapping external information sources regardless of their medium, and by accessing the world of information accessible via the Internet.
-Notice boards.
-The section shall weed the notice boards within the library and retain the most current notices.
Library Guiding
-The section shall make service areas for reference services highly visible and readily accessible to all users through notices and continuous display.
-The Library shall design service points to accommodate the needs of all users, including the disabled.