Policy Guidelines

Chuka University Library Resource Centre shall be situated within the library and shall provide the clients with access to the internet and its wide range around the globe.  The Library supports free and open access to all type of information under the laid down guidelines hereunder.

  • To provide direction as to how ICT will be used to enable and enhance the delivery of Chuka University's Library and information services.
  •  Library and information services.
  • To provide guidance for library staff as to what is and what is not considered reasonable in ICT provision.
  • In order to remain relevant to both advances in both ICT and customer expectations, the policy will be reviewed and revised regularly.

Library clients through use of ICT wherever and whenever they want.

The centre shall be open to all Chuka University Students, academic and Non-Academic staff.

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 9.00a.m.  – 4.45.00 p.m.
    Weekend and Public holidays: - Closed.

Library E- Resource Policy Guidelines
Herein are the policy guidelines to be observed by the users of the facility:

  • There shall be a 30 minute time limit on the workstations.
  • Clients must produce their identification while signing in.
  • There shall be no reservations for individual computer use.
  • There shall be no personal belongings.
  • Food stuffs and drinks shall not be permitted.
  • Downloading files to the hard drive shall be prohibited.
  • Users shall be allowed to download files to Re-writable CDs.
  • No client shall be allowed to install or uninstall any software or change system settings violation to this shall result in loss of the facility’s privileges.
  • Personal communication shall be allowed (e-mail and chatting).
  • The facility reserves the right to schedule workstations for instruction or for access to electronic resources available only on specific machine.
  • Anti-virus software shall be loaded on every computer in the facility.
  • Personal or other accessories shall not be allowed in the facility.
  • Staff stationed at the facility shall be available to supervise and to provide limited assistance in the use of the computers and other accessories.
  • Text handling services (word processing, typesetting, data analysis etc) shall be allowed.
  • As outlined in the vision the facility shall be for that purpose therefore sending or displaying non-educational or disruptive information/messages, files or images shall be prohibited.
  • Playing computer games or music from any internet site shall not be allowed.
  • While accessing internet information services clients shall adhere to intellectual property laws, and security restrictions. No plagiarism.
  • Disruptive actions, either verbal and or physical shall be prohibited.